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Best Time to Visit Uganda

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Best Time to Visit Uganda


January is part of Uganda’s short dry season – it’s a great time for gorilla and chimpanzee treks, and for observing a wealth of migratory birds.

What’s the weather going to be like in Uganda in January

  • January is one of the hottest months, and days are generally dry and sunny
  • We’re in short dry season – there’s a possibility of rain, but not enough to impact your trip
  • Temperatures are warm
  • It’s worth packing your waterproofs in case of light afternoon showers.

What are the highlights of visiting Uganda in January

  • There are fewer travellers in January, so parks and properties are quieter
  • Game viewing is excellent, as wildlife is lured out of the dry bush in search of water
  • There’s less vegetation, so animals are easier to spot
  • It’s an ideal time for gorilla and chimpanzee treks, as the ground is dry and easier to walk on
  • January is fantastic for seeing a range of migratory bird species
  • Migratory birdlife is a superb subject for keen photographers.

Any lowlights?

  • January is a popular month to travel, so property prices stay at peak season rates
  • Gorilla permits need to be booked well in advance
  • There are some mosquitoes particularly in the forests of Bwindi and Kibale.

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