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The Seychelles is home to some of the finest private islands on the planet

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Seychelles Holidays

Over one hundred islands make up the Seychelles. Boasting some of the most exclusive private islands anywhere in the world, this is an expensive destination, but one that would stake its claim as the finest beach holiday destination on Earth.

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When To Visit Seychelles:
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The Seychelles archipelago is often compared with a string of pearls, to capture the splendour of this island chain. However, this description does not convey the varying features of the islands, not least their compositions! In all, the Seychelles comprises 115 islands, in six separate groups. These feature coral islands, coral cays, and of course the famous Granitic Seychelles, which includes among its members Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. The majority of the islands are uninhabitable – but even with these subtracted from the total count, you are still spoilt for choice and it can be difficult to decide which islands to visit.

With their mild climate and fascinating history of epic explorers, sailors, pirates and spies, the islands are very inviting to holiday makers from all over the world and home to a range of nationalities within a predominantly Creole culture. The passion of Seychelles inhabitants to preserve this perfect paradise has sparked an assortment of holiday options, from sprawling resorts to pocket private islands.

The majority of holiday resorts and hotels are located on granitic Mahé. This is the largest island, occupying some 155 square miles in the north-east of the nation. It contains 86 per cent of the country’s population and capital city Victoria, which offers a range of tourist attractions and is served by Seychelles International Airport.

The second largest island is Praslin, also granitic, consisting of 38km2 and situated 44km north-east of Mahé. Praslin has its own airport too and boasts a variety of hotels and resorts. It is often described as a smaller version of Mahé.

After Mahé and Praslin, comes granitic La Digue. This is the third largest inhabited island, but overall the fourth largest after Silhouette. There is no airport on La Digue – instead, it is accessed via ferries from Mahé and Praslin. Its surface area is 10km2 and it offers guesthouse and hotel accommodation.

Our fourth destination for holidays to Seychelles, is the idyllic outer islands. These are privately owned, sparsely populated, and serve as wildlife havens due to ongoing efforts to preserve and conserve their plethora of bird species, turtles and other marine nature. All are accessible via flight from the international airport, Victoria, Mahé.

For the best holiday ideas, either browse our handpicked Seychelles beach retreats and places to visit below or simply arrange a call back today to start planning a trip completely tailored to you.  

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