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Namibia Family Safaris

Namibia is a very good destination for families and can be superb for children of all ages.

Namibia has other things to offer apart from safaris. The country is most famous for its scenery, but it also has a huge array of adventure activities – from dune surfing to quad biking, canoeing to whale watching, and cycling to sky jumping. For the adventurous family, this is one of the continent’s finest destinations.

However, do not underestimate Namibia’s safari. Etosha, the country’s most famous park, is not the right destination for safari enthusiasts, but it offers a perfect introduction to an African safari. The majority of families decide that a two- to three-night safari is enough for their children – Etosha is perfect for this.

Adventurous families will want to explore Damaraland, hoping to catch a good view of the famous desert elephant, or even desert rhino and lion. This area is also home to one of the largest collections of rock art on the planet.

The majority of trips to the country are self-drive safaris or private guided road trips. Namibia’s road system and general tourist infrastructure is so well established, that it is very easy to drive yourself. Travelling between parks can be much more affordable than in other destinations, dramatically reducing the overall cost of a family trip.

Flying safaris open up a number of the country’s most expensive properties and finest destinations – Wilderness Safari’s camps are the real highlights, especially the new Hoanib Camp as well as Serra Cafema.

The far north of Namibia is in Africa’s malaria belt and as such we do not recommend that children younger than six travel to this part of the country.

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Namibia Family Trips:

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